Welcome to my Latest Book Blog…

I’m glad you have taken a moment to stop by my new BOOK BLOG!!

I really think you will like it here once we get the pages turning!!!


I’m Steph.

(and that’s Cheyenne)

steph and Chy.jpg

I have been blogging since 2010 and I actually used to have six different blogs that I updated regularly. A couple of them were only updated every couple of days or a couple of times per week, but most of them of them were updated pretty much daily.

not new.png

Lately I’ve been combining most of my stuff into just the one blog 4 the LUV of SANITY where I do lots of product and book reviews as well as giveaways. I also post random things of interest, such as educational and entertainment opportunities, etc.

I really feel that it’s time to start separating my subjects up into different blogs again, so that I can use 4 the LUV of SANITY to keep focusing on product reviews and giveaways.

I will be transferring most of my book related posts to this blog, 4 the LUV of READING.

heart with pages of book.png

I will feature new releases, book blasts, cover reveals, book tours, book reviews and giveaways, author interviews, and lots of other things book related.


In time, I will also be starting back up a blog that focuses on chronic pain and rare diseases, like I also used to do.

There will be more to come, with time….I’ll get myself back out there like I used to be. But right now I think I will take it slow.


Actually, in case you didn’t already know….I was very well followed, had extremely high numbers of regular followers on most of my blogs. When my ex and I split up a few years back, he hacked into all of my email accounts, social media accounts, my blogs, etc…and he locked me out of all of them by changing the secret questions, the personal information I had entered when I started the accounts, the passwords, and the backup emails and phone numbers that I could use to regain access to the accounts. I have tried and tried and still to this day have been unsuccessful at verifying my own identity.


Crazy and sad, and yes, it irks me to no end…but…it’s time to just give all that up completely and start over for good.


I am glad to see you here, and I certainly hope you will come back often. I love getting to know my readers and followers, and even just my random visitors that happened across my page by accident.



***If you are reading this, please leave a comment below introducing yourself for a chance to win  $5 PayPal ca$h or a $5 Amazon GC. Please leave your email so I can easily contact you if you are randomly chosen as the winner.***

As always,

happy reading with pile of books.jpg



One comment

  1. Hello Steph,

    I just read your story about your ex. I’m so sorry for you, that’s not an appropriate thing to do. Definitely!! But I’m 100% positive, you’ll gonna gain visitors, followers, etc just like your last blogs. No worries :))



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